News 08 Apr 2019

A great advertising campaign for PNA

In this digital age, with man always connected and yet increasingly alone, we are losing touch with concreteness, with the very essence of life, with what matters and with what it's worth. Like stone, marble, granite.

For this reason, PNA has chosen to restore dignity to natural stone, which represents the beating heart of the planet and the lifeblood with which man has given life to his whole world.

The Business Network wants to celebrate this material, promote it, protect it and, above all, want to crumble new myths and proliferation of artificial imitative materials destined to disappear without a trace. Natural Stone, in fact, possesses qualities and prerogatives that no other industrial product can boast, a wealth that derives directly from nature, an innate virtue that must be defended, a birthright.

With these intentions, and with the desire to finally turn the spotlight on the infinite qualities of a unique and inimitable product, the commercials created by the Authentic Natural Stone Network are aimed at the architect, the young professional and families to convey the same basic message : natural stone is durable, ductile, resistant, in short, it is the perfect choice.


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