Pietra Naturale Autentica is a Business Network created to promote the use of natural stone and protect it from the assaults of often unfair competition made up of poor materials and industrial imitations.

A safe net, but also a springboard to increase the awareness of a material and of the companies that choose to use and work it. A megaphone to loudly announce the qualities, strengths and potential that only an authentic product and the experience of Made in Italy can guarantee.

The Objectives

In addition to enhancing the entire sector and protecting its companies, the goal of the Network is to stimulate a new awareness and to restore dignity to a natural product through targeted promotion initiatives. It begins with a great communication campaign designed to rid the consumer of the virus of false myths and temporary fashions and introduce it to the marvels of marble and natural stone.

The Brand

Pietra Naturale Autentica is also a quality mark that identifies marbles, granites, travertines and other natural stones, a seal of excellence that aims to reward the most virtuous companies in the sector and offer them the tools to increase their visibility.
Under this common flag, the entire sector will be able to sail along converging routes and still touch unexplored shores to promote the use of stone and tell about its many qualities.

The Target

The Network is open to all institutions, companies and organizations that use, defend and promote authentic natural stone.
A widespread target of professionals aware that the fortune of a product lies in its flexibility and in its ability to pass through time and fashion unharmed while remaining true to itself.

The nets of Pietra Naturale Autentica

With a consolidated and strong tradition like the roots of a tree, the companies that join the Authentic Natural Stone Network face the challenges of the market with enthusiasm, because the craft experience and the teachings of the past are the only guarantee for a future solid like the stone with which they built their credibility over time.
Only one common goal, the same goal to aim for, a simple and direct declaration of intent that has already been shared by many companies in the Italian marble supply chain, by those who work natural stone and by those who produce machines and products to work it , associations, organizations, institutions, professionals, consumers. The Network succeeds because the message it brings is great.
The stone is alive, hurray the stone!

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