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What is the difference between marble and granite? +

The differences between these two natural materials of great value are due above all to their origin.

– it is mainly composed of calcium carbonate;
– it undergoes more the action of the acid components;
– presents brighter colors and can be easily mixed together to create chess boards and geometric designs.

– it is composed of silicates
– very resistant to scratches;
– fears the action of oily components;
– it tends to have a more homogeneous coloring.

The choice of the material always depends on the characteristics of the project, but in any case, each slab is different from the other due to the distribution of the vein, color tones and other characteristics that enhance the uniqueness of the product.

Where can marble and granite be used? +

The choice between marble and granite is certainly a personal choice of personal style based on the color tone and the context in which the material will be used. Granite is a more resistant and durable material. Usually it is preferred for flooring of high-traffic areas, such as a public building or a shopping centre. Marble is certainly more suitable and mainly used indoors. To increase the resistance of the material to water stains, oil stains and common staining substances, we recommend using the protective ones preferably a water base, transpirants that will protect the material. The choice must fall on brands registered in the market to have a guarantee of protection over time.

Cleaning and maintenance of natural stone +

Regular cleaning with neutral products that do not leave residues such as waxes, perfumes and do not require rinsing, allows the natural stone to remain unaltered over time. Products that do not correspond to a neutral pH (value between 6 and 8) can attack the surface in natural stone. If that happens, the opacity can be recovered with professional polish and pads. It is also good practice to provide for scheduled extraordinary maintenance that allows the previously applied protection products to be restored.

How do I remove existing stains or aggressions from natural stone? +

Stone is a magnificent material, alive and full, but it has the propensity to absorb water, staining agents and be attacked by acid substances. It should therefore always be treated in advance with protective products that reduce absorption: this allows the typical degradation of natural materials to be blocked.

In the case of stains or acid attacks, the surface can be smoothed, which returns to its original splendor. To avoid extraordinary measures such as surface polishing, it is always advisable to observe a preventive behavior and use chemical products that can protect the surface from stains or acid attacks, allowing an easy and fast maintenance without in any case altering the finish and the beauty of the material, indeed, in many cases capable of enhancing the unique characteristics of color and design of the stone.
The choice must fall on brands recognized in the market to have a guarantee of protection over time.

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