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The history of man is written on stone, a timeless tale to narrate the infinite possibilities of a material that has always accompanied creativity and progress. ?Many cultures, many civilizations, one shared language, a universal vocabulary for building houses, monuments and a whole world in which to live. A world made to last, a world of stone.

The Pyramids, Stonehenge, the acropolis of Athens, the city of Petra, the Colosseum and the Roman aqueducts, Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, St. Peter, Versailles, the Victorian: the greatness of man is in the buildings he erected, in the stone constructions.

That’s why today it is so easy to imagine of what substance the dreams of contemporary man and those who will come will be composed of. It’s easy because history tells us that, a story made of intuitions, discoveries, achievements that are engraved on the stone, that of the monuments, of works of art, but also of the individual homes of each of us. From the magnificence of the great engineering structures to the warmth of the domestic hearth, man’s future will once again be written on stone, and it will be a bright future like marble and solid like granite.

Architectural projects

From the great pyramids to the superb works of modern engineering, natural stone has fulfilled man’s desire to build a world in his image.

One project after another, humanity has gained its position at the center of the universe, domesticating natural stone to make bridges to cross, walls to protect itself and a roof under which to live and thrive.

Stone design

Beauty is ephemeral, but ideas last forever as does solid rock. Natural stone combines the power of thought with aesthetic taste to bring contemporary design beyond fashions and clichés.
Modern lines that flow into the ancient textures of tradition, past and present that dialogue to conjugate every creative gesture to the future and make it immortal, thanks to the stone and its intrinsic immortal soul.


(Interior design)

The details make a project great, exclusive details that only natural stone can really enhance, a recognizable signature to embellish an environment, to make it shine, to make it as unique as the veining of marble.
A mark to leave on every successful project, a passe-partout to open the doors to the suggestions of interior architecture and quality furnishings.

Art projects

The essence of every work of art is enclosed in a block of stone, a potential wonder that the artist manages to grasp even before using the chisel. It is an instinctive process, a cathartic gesture that from chaos leads to harmony, from intuition leads to creation.

Natural stone bends at the will of man, follows his inspiration and makes the magic of art possible.
A spell that turns the very soul of the Earth into poetry.

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