Events 22 May 2019

PNA launches collaboration with IED Milan

Pietra Naturale Autentica has for the first time established a collaboration with IED Milan to promote an exciting and stimulating project aimed at students of the prestigious university.

Presiding over the workshop presentation meeting in front of an intercultural audience of students of the various years of the course, Dr. Flavio Marabelli, honorary president of the PNA Network and Architect Stefano Mingaia.

PNA launches collaboration with IED Milan

PNA is a Business Network created to promote the use of natural stone and to protect it in a market increasingly characterized by the spread of artificial imitative materials. The objective of the Network is to restore dignity to a natural product through ad hoc initiatives.

To this end, PNA has decided to rely on IED students, who over the next few months will be asked to design a design object that includes the use of natural stones. Students will be able to show their creativity by developing everyday objects alongside technological innovation and complementary to cultural and modern life needs. They will have the opportunity to know and work with authentic stones, making themselves the bearers of the intrinsic qualities of this material.

The meeting ended with a Q&A session that saw the lively participation of the students present.

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